It is normal for people to buy what they know or what they are familiar with based on experience and environment. However, popular opinion does not always mean a verdict which is why this post will be educating you on what bell pepper color has the best taste. In one of our Friday polls, we learned that people in Africa tend to buy more green bell pepper because it is one of the widely used and acceptable ingredients for fried rice.

It is believed that green bell peppers add taste and color to fried rice, it also makes the food looks appealing to wet one’s appetite when used for garnishing. But is that all to bell pepper?

Let’s see some facts about bell pepper

Bell peppers come in three main colors: red, yellow, and green. Red and yellow bell peppers are often present on the same plant, the difference in pigmentation is only esthetic and has no effects on taste. 

  • All unripe bell peppers begin as green on the plant.
  • The color of bell peppers changes from green to yellow, orange, and red the longer it is allowed to mature on the plant.
  • Green peppers feature a more bitter flavor profile.
  • Orange and yellow bell peppers are sweeter, with the sweetest being the red bell pepper.

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