Aldelano Organic Foods is a Subsidiary of Aldelano Solar Solutions. We are strategically positioned in Africa to provide high-quality Hydroponic Organic Greenhouse Produce


For over 50 years, Aldelano has been known for her commitment to delivering practical, innovative solutions to common problems.  Aldelano is a leader in supply chain management processes. Aldelano is an expert in packaging and distribution; the creation of instant infrastructure solar technologies (refrigeration/freezing, water/ice, and power); and new innovative organic farming processes.

Aldelano utilizes renewable energy (Power of the Sun) to provide low-cost – high-quality solutions in the following sectors:

  • Power – low-cost salt-water battery manufacturing and solar generators
  • Agriculture – organic, hydroponic greenhouse farming, and organic fertilizer production
  • Cold Storage – solar-powered (on or off-grid) refrigeration and freezing storage systems
  • Atmospheric Water Generation – extracting fresh clean water from the air

Our continuous research positions us as the leader in the deployment of advanced technologies to solve common human problems. 


We understand food as a necessity for everyone, hence it should be affordable and accessible, so we devise the technology that enables us to eliminate post-harvest loss and maximize production without harming the environment. Aldelano Organic Foods is the Newest Innovation in Clean Green Farming. We offer Hydroponically Grown, Organic Greenhouse Produce that has better quality and taste than traditional farming. This also enables us to have an all-year-round harvest making food available for the populace in and out of seasons.

Aldelano Organic Foods is specially designed to provide high quality, better taste, high nutrients, and low-cost Hydroponically Grown Organic Greenhouse produce for Africa. Our farm site is located in Ogun State, Nigeria handled by professionals.

We welcome you to a New Way of Farming in Africa.

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