Any nation that desires to reduce or eradicate food insecurity must pay attention to the obvious challenges of low yields, post-harvest loss, pests, and diseases that attack plants on the field. All of these and many other reasons are responsible for food insecurity in Africa. This is why farmers must adopt new technologies to enhance the production of quality food and reduce the risk of food wastage! Raising the bar of bell pepper farming in Nigeria is the starting point, there is more to come.

At Aldelano farms, we have gone beyond the usual way of farming, we have introduced new technologies and solar infrastructure to produce high-quality bell peppers in and out of seasons. Aldelano Organic Foods is the Newest Innovation in Clean Green Farming. We offer Hydroponically Grown, Organic Greenhouse Produce that has better quality and taste than traditional farming.

Technology Makes a Difference in Bell Pepper Farming!

Aldelano Organic Foods has raised the standard of bell pepper farming in Nigeria by deploying new technologies and solar infrastructure to produce quality pepper for the market we serve. Below are some of the things that make us stand out;

Hydroponic Greenhouse Bell Pepper Farming

This is a method of growing produce in controlled environments where all the necessary minerals needed for plant growth are provided directly to the plants, making them more nutritious and better tasting.

  • The hydroponic Irrigation system delivers nutrients directly to the plants
  • A controlled environment offers protection from environmental impacts, pests, and diseases
  • No pesticides or harmful chemicals
  • Best quality of seeds

Solar-Powered Cold Storage Facility

Post-harvest loss is one of the challenges faced by farmers due to insufficient storage facilities and as a result of poor handling, some farm produce will lose its quality and nutritional value before getting to the end consumer. This is why Aldelano installed a 40ft industrial grade solar-powered cold storage facility on the farm for the preservation of our bell pepper and for proper post-harvest handling of our produce. Our team of experts (farm managers) is constantly working to ensure that our produce does not lose its quality during and after harvest.

Consistent Supply round the year

Adelano is here to supply bell peppers round the year, with our recent expansion from 15 to 34 greenhouses dedicated to the growing of bell peppers, we assure our customers of a consistent Supply in and out of seasons! And the beautiful thing is that with our system of farming, the quality of our produce can not be jeopardized! We supply quality bell pepper with better taste and longer shelf-life to our customers round the year!

The bar of bell pepper farming has been raised in Nigeria by Aldelano Organic Foods, and our plan is to keep expanding and setting standards for sustainable development in Agriculture.

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Aldelano Farm’s Infrastructure is powered by Aldelano Solar Solutions