“Health is wealth” is a cliche in our society but most of the time, we fail to pay attention to what can help us enjoy sound health. Food is a necessity, societies exist because there is food to eat. We can’t be healthier than the state of our farms because every food we consume stems from the farm. A healthy farm will produce a healthy society.

However, the availability of food is not the only thing needed by our society, we must pay attention to the quality of food being sold in our market. Quality food must contain high levels of nutrients, taste better, be free from residual toxicity, not be affected by field and post-harvest diseases, and lots more – any food short of these has the potential to be harmful to the consumer. This is why we need to pay attention to our farms.

We are what we eat and what we eat is determined by the farmers! The market is saturated with different products just to ensure we put food on our tables, but what’s the use when the food we have on our tables is a potential threat to our health? Over the years, it’s been a difficult task for farmers to overcome different pests and diseases that affect plants on the field and in the storage, but it’s good to know that Agriculture is no longer the same!

A New Approach…

New technology has been introduced that has given us the ability to overcome some of the major challenges that pose danger to our plants and subsequently the quality of farm yields. Aldelano Organic Foods has brought to Africa Hydroponic Organic Greenhouse Technology to help Africa feed the world. We use technology that permits us to grow our plants in a controlled environment that shields them from environmental hazards. We supply the needed nutrients to the plant directly which gives us high quality, better taste, and harvest round the year!

You can’t buy unhealthy food and expect that your kitchen will make it healthy! To be healthy, embrace farm produce from sources that put your health into consideration. 

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