It’s not a doubt that food insecurity is a major challenge in Africa! Despite having a good number of people flooding into farming every year. A lot of people still go to bed hungry. In sub-Saharan Africa, about 25,000 people including up to 10,000 children die of hunger daily according to a report from the UN. Food insecurity thrives where there is food wastage, poverty, and inaccessibility to healthy food. This is why Africans need to embrace new technology in Agriculture.


Poverty is on the high side in Africa which makes healthy food unaffordable for many. So, people tend to eat what they see, not what they desire. While this is a challenge, we have decided to come up with a solution that would change the narrative in Africa. We have started in Nigeria by employing the newest technology in clean green farming to produce the highest quality of bell pepper at a lower cost!


Our produce is hydroponically grown in greenhouses which guarantee us harvest round-the-year, better taste, high quality, and free from residual toxicity. Our produce is safe and protected from all forms of post-harvest challenges. Hydroponic farming is a method of growing produce in controlled environments where all the necessary minerals needed for plant growth are provided directly to the plants, making them more nutritious and better-tasting.  


This is our belief – if food is a necessity, then it should be healthy, accessible, and affordable! This is why we are utilizing this new technology. Africans will live a healthy lifestyle if the produce of this quality can be embraced! Inability to embrace this will make people pay more to live healthily! here is why Africans pay more to stay healthy


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